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New Homes Developments on Vancouver Island   

Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia offers a mix of luxury lifestyles in thriving communities with a year round moderate climate making it one of the most sought after places to live, work and invest in.

Victoria which is the provincial capital brings together luxurious estate acreage homes, seaside condominiums with panoramic views and choice waterfront properties for building your dream home. This picturesque harbour city blends private luxury living, a vibrant cultural life and world class golfing with large city amenities all landscaped in the natural rugged beauty of Canada’s west coast. Whether you are looking for an upscale condominium in Victoria’s prestigious Humboldt Valley, or a private waterfront home in Uplands Estates which boasts one of the most temperate climates in Canada, the communities on the southern tip of Vancouver Island have a lifestyle to suit any taste.

Whether it’s a luxury ocean front home in Oak Bay, your dream retirement condo in Sidney or real estate investment property in one of the unique seaside communities including  Sidney, Cadboro Bay, North Saanich, Brentwood Bay, Cordova Bay or Sooke let Scott Piercy of Engel & Völkers introduce you to a lifestyle like no other. Choosing the perfect home or investment property demands a superior knowledge of both the local real estate market as well and the business climate of the community you are considering. Both Scott and James are active members of the Victoria and area business community and have extensive experience in Victoria luxury real estate. 

Scott Piercy is proud to introduce you to unsurpassed community developments in the Victoria area or one of the many Southern Vancouver Island communities that include magnificent homes nestled within private secluded bays or luxury townhome and condominium communities just steps from culturally vibrant neighbourhoods. 

British Columbia, located on the beautiful West coast of British Columbia, offers many exciting options in terms of home ownership.  When considering a BC real estate purchase, be sure not to overlook the possibility of manufactured homes on Vancouver Island.

Today’s manufactured homes offer many fantastic features, as well as a high level of convenience for homebuyers. One of the benefits of purchasing manufactured homes on Vancouver Island is that these homes can be customized to your exact specifications in order to meet your individual taste, all at an affordable price.  Manufactured homes on Vancouver Island allow you the luxury of designing your new home, ensuring that it will be exactly the way you want it, without all of the stress of building it yourself.  There is a wide range of manufactured homes available, and you can work together with the builder and manufacturer to ensure your new manufactured home meets all of your needs. Manufactured homes have come a long way and with endless floor plans to choose from, coupled with unequaled convenience, manufactured homes are more and more often becoming the choice of today’s homebuyers.

You can also rest assured that your new manufactured home meets with all regulatory building codes that conventional builders must adhere to, and independent inspectors will be on site to certify that the home is build in accordance with the approved plans and complies with all building codes for the location where your new home will be erected.

In your search for the perfect piece of BC real estate, be sure to contact Victoria real estate professionals Scott Piercy and allow him the opportunity to introduce you to the excellent selection of manufactured homes on Vancouver Island, or possibly the ideal piece of land on which you can erect your own manufactured home on Vancouver Island.  Scott Piercy has a twenty-year history of exemplary customer service in the Vancouver Island real estate community, and their dedication to matching their clients with the ideal property has made them the clear choice of real estate professionals for discerning home and property buyers.  Scott understands the Vancouver Island real estate market, and his in depth knowledge of the island and all of its communities ensures that they will be able to assist you in locating the perfect home, or piece of land for you and your family. As active members of the local business community they understand the information homey buyers need to make the best informed decision about any real estate investment opportunity.

Your BC real estate purchase should begin with a look at all of the amazing opportunities that Vancouver Island real estate has to offer, and the option of manufactured homes on Vancouver Island should be given serious consideration.  When you are ready to check out all of the exciting properties that Vancouver Island has to offer, be sure to give Scott Piercy  a call, and allow them the privilege of showing you all of the exciting real estate options that are available on beautiful Vancouver Island.

With Vancouver Island’s year round moderate climate and natural rugged beauty a growing number of families, retirees and business people are looking to this island gem for sound real estate and business investments. From Victoria, the provinces capital city, on the southern tip of the island and along the western and northern coast line one can experience thriving seaside communities that each offer their own unique landscape, beauty and lifestyle. The purchase of prime waterfront estate acreage property has grown in recent years creating substantial growth in both housing construction and BC real estate.

The housing market in much of western Canada continues to grow making BC real estate a popular choice for sound real estate investments. Vancouver Island in particular continues to experience positive growth in both land purchases and home construction. With such a vast array of properties and the wide land diversity that exists on the island, it can be difficult to know which will compliment you personal, professional and lifestyle preferences the best. For more than 20 years discriminating home buyers have trusted the expertise of Scott Piercy of Engel & Völkers located in the province’s capital city of Victoria. They have built a solid reputation on honesty, integrity and superior client satisfaction. Scott takes the time to listen to the needs of his clients with their attention to detail being second to none.   

Building the home of your dreams that include all the extras you have always wanted, with today’s booming industry, can take longer than some families are willing to wait for. Today’s manufactured homes on Vancouver Island give even the most selective clients the opportunity to customize their homes and work closely with architects ensuring their requests will be incorporated and their new home ready in a timely manner. Many of today’s clients demand that their home reflect the natural beauty and specific attributes of the property. There are a number of respected builders of manufactured homes on Vancouver Island that understand the importance of customizing a home to meet their clients’ needs while remaining true to the surrounding landscape.

Whether you choose to purchase one of the many manufactured homes on Vancouver Island with a few personal modifications or have your own architect work with a manufacturer’s design team to create your dream home you know that the project will be completed in a timely manner. BC real estate offers many investment opportunities as well as an exciting and unique lifestyle. With a more temperate climate year round there is an almost endless list of activities to enjoy such as hiking, kayaking, surfing, world class golf and fishing, whale watching and of course miles of sandy beaches. One can also enjoy many cultural activities such as live theatre, numerous artisan and farmers markets, fine and casual dining, luxurious day spas as well as many one-of-a-kind boutique shops.

Let the experienced team of Scott Piercy of Engel & Völkers help you find the perfect property or executive home from choice BC real estate listings. As active members of the business community they can provide you with the information you are looking for in regards to current and emerging business and real estate trends within the communities on Vancouver Island. He looks forward to introducing you to the many sound investment opportunities that are available within the BC real estate market. Come to Vancouver Island and experience a lifestyle second to none!